Okay, so we have a computer pirate hacker who wants to profit off someones else’s ‘stuff’.  Is that not the spirit of the internet?  Steal others content and profit.  Thank you Al Gore.

Now the Self Appointed Saviours of Society (ie. Progressives) applaud the actions of this Assange, the selfless freedom fighter.  One can question what his motives were but apparently it had something to do with freedom of all info and how this will benefit all of mankind.  What I cant comprehend is how will this benefit humanity?  I wish someone could clearly connect the dots on how leaking these memo’s will feed the poor, provide jobs for those looking to work, eliminate scandal and crime.  

I hear the media and activists squeal with glee  ‘see, I knew there were shady dealings going on behind the scenes!!’  Great.  Now you feel sated and smug.  And now what?  So you know that people say nasty things and plan nasty plots against others and between governments.  Yes so now we know that.  Never could have figured that out before. Super.  Now how is that going to make my world (our planet) any better? 

But then again people say Assange is a journalist—a selfless, man-of-the-planet, conspiracy hating, people loving journalist. 

When the leaks came out about the potential for bs amongst scientists and global warming, there was a big fuss that these emails should not be made public.  Strange that this didnt count for journalism.

And now if we dont succumb to the desires of Assange and his assistants they will cripple our computers, freeze our credit accounts and probably sell our personal information to people who want to pretend they are us.  All in the name of freedom of information and journalism I suspect.

Freedom of speech and information are such interesting things.  Good for some to hide behind and bad for others to bring forward.

Speaking of.  What has happened to a society where the minority get more attention and action than the majority? Example being 2 people that oppose a nativity scene in the town of a thousand and the nativity scene gets removed for fear of offending the 2 people.  What bullshit?    When are the majority going to get the gonads to speak up and re-establish their turf.  Dont be afraid to speak up–even when the 2 people call you an insensitive (and worse) Christian for having the audicity to celebrate your religion and traditions….in your country.


I have decided to devote all of my time over the holidays to going between CNN, MSNBC and Fox to get a pulse about what is important to ‘Mericans.  Since the UMesseh are our closest buddies and neighbours we need to understand the trends that will eventually infilitrate our humble little country.  Such as the Mess’ previous entries into Canada such as gun and gang violence, graffiti, declining educational standards and of course more garbage in the streets.  And all along the way we get to be enthralled with all those progressives who have all the answers to all of the little questions we have.  God bless those ‘Self Appointed Saviours of Society’ who will tell us how to live.

Headlines for December

Homegrown terrorism.  Should we worry?  If they are like most of the homegrowns, they’ll be bloated, out of shape, lacking education, skills and desire and highly unlikely to build anything that would be of any value (let alone actually work).  They’ll probably spend more time on their ‘Smart phone” staring blankly at video or texting their friends about how good their triple cheeseburger was today while skipping school.

Gays in the military. Not that theres anything wrong with that.

–North Korea, Russia, China, Mexico.  Does anyone fear the UMess anymore? 

Speaking of Mexico.  Why not let everyone in–criminals and all?  The progressives long standing success in rehabilitating criminals and creating prosperity, food and happiness for the worlds poor should help these folks out nicely and get them ready to assimilate into the Mess.  And vote Democrat of course.

Food supply under attack.  First it was Michelle Obama, now Al Qaeda.  Could be a conspiracy between the two.  IF AQ attacks school cafeteria’s, general buffets and Fat food establishments, Michelle wins.  If they go after salad bars and Whole Foods the US will never leave Afghanistan to protect MO’s honour.

Assange-aside.  The act of declaring the freedom of all information in the interests of ones fame and prosperity

Just reading today that there are shortages and distribution problems for the H1N1.  Could it having with the government taking control of the means of production?  I guess Obama will spend the weekend trying to figure out how he can hang that off Bush.  Of course he will be doing it while he stumps for his brethren Obamocrats on the campaign.  Does this guy ever get anything accomplished?  Other than come up with other nifty incentives such as pay caps and other areas that he can control?  Let’s get another few Amtraks and Postal Services running out there.  Real money makers.

It appears he prefers campaigning and telling jokes on his favourite networks than actually closing the deal on anything.  An amazing circus.

Today’s questions (in no order of importance):

  1. How long till the alleged journalists on CNN, NYTimes etc..realize they are pawns for the Pres?  They did go to journalism school to uncover the truth and scams didn’t they?  Suckas.  They will be under the blanket of media very shortly, if they arent already.
  2. Would Moore and Mayer have thrived better in Cuba, Venezuela or other Communists countries?  Perhaps they should move there to let us know how the average man lives in such countries.  I’d love to know.
  3. Your WH is going to war with FoxNews?  As an outsider that seems a little strange—is this really a priority at this point in a country with a declining dollar, increased unemployment and imminent inflation lurking.
  4. Why so much focus on health care when there appears to be bigger issues facing the average American and I’m not talking about the elite and intelligentsia, social workers, union and lawyers.  All of those key contributors to societal gridlock that secure lots of cash but contribute little to business progess—and that is what helps the average man isnt it?
  5. Is the world a more peaceful place with Obama’s Nobel prize in hand?  Did North Korea, Iran, Pakistan etc. not get the memo?
  6. Why can Notre Dame not recruit some big, strong, fast kids that can compete with the other elite?  They are close to Chicago—does OBama have anything to do with this?
  7. Are we asking enough questions?

Remember, ask questions and demand facts—not beliefs.  That disables the leftist.  Remember, the leftist believes they know more and without them, the average man would not be able to function.  Ask them questions and smoke them out.

Today’s questions (in no order of importance):

  1. Will Michael Moore do a documentary on who the CZARS of Obama are and perhaps ACORN?  He is an unbiased ‘journalist’ is he not?
  2. Since he hates capitalism, I wonder if Moore will take us on a tour of communist countries so we can see how the average low and middle income people live.  What is their standard of living?  How innovative are those countries?  Wonder how it would be to live there 24/7?  Would the ‘average’  U.S. citizen like to see that? 
  3. Since Obama wants to throw CIA security under the bus, how will they interrogate the new NYC terror suspects?  Ask them nicely?
  4. Will Showbama get his own 24/7 cable network?  He seems to be on every channel.  Why the hard sell?
  5. Have you ever checked on the discrepancy between and the number of stories between Fox, CNN and the old guard on certain issues?  An example being how many stories about ACORN were covered by the majors.
  6. Where will the capitalists go?  Where will they take the jobs?  What will happen to business class on the airplanes?
  7. Speaking of planes, Obama is off to Stockholm to shill for Chicago and the 2016 Olympics.  Based on some of the action happening in his country and say Iran this week, is this the best use of his time?  Is there anything that he and his crew dont want to get their fingers in? 
  8. Since he likes to reward his followers from Illinois, do the Chicago Bears get an automatic pass to the Super Bowl…can that be mandated into law?
  9. Are we asking enough questions?