Today’s questions (in no order of importance):

  1. Will Michael Moore do a documentary on who the CZARS of Obama are and perhaps ACORN?  He is an unbiased ‘journalist’ is he not?
  2. Since he hates capitalism, I wonder if Moore will take us on a tour of communist countries so we can see how the average low and middle income people live.  What is their standard of living?  How innovative are those countries?  Wonder how it would be to live there 24/7?  Would the ‘average’  U.S. citizen like to see that? 
  3. Since Obama wants to throw CIA security under the bus, how will they interrogate the new NYC terror suspects?  Ask them nicely?
  4. Will Showbama get his own 24/7 cable network?  He seems to be on every channel.  Why the hard sell?
  5. Have you ever checked on the discrepancy between and the number of stories between Fox, CNN and the old guard on certain issues?  An example being how many stories about ACORN were covered by the majors.
  6. Where will the capitalists go?  Where will they take the jobs?  What will happen to business class on the airplanes?
  7. Speaking of planes, Obama is off to Stockholm to shill for Chicago and the 2016 Olympics.  Based on some of the action happening in his country and say Iran this week, is this the best use of his time?  Is there anything that he and his crew dont want to get their fingers in? 
  8. Since he likes to reward his followers from Illinois, do the Chicago Bears get an automatic pass to the Super Bowl…can that be mandated into law?
  9. Are we asking enough questions?