Today’s questions (in no order of importance):

  1. How long till the alleged journalists on CNN, NYTimes etc..realize they are pawns for the Pres?  They did go to journalism school to uncover the truth and scams didn’t they?  Suckas.  They will be under the blanket of media very shortly, if they arent already.
  2. Would Moore and Mayer have thrived better in Cuba, Venezuela or other Communists countries?  Perhaps they should move there to let us know how the average man lives in such countries.  I’d love to know.
  3. Your WH is going to war with FoxNews?  As an outsider that seems a little strange—is this really a priority at this point in a country with a declining dollar, increased unemployment and imminent inflation lurking.
  4. Why so much focus on health care when there appears to be bigger issues facing the average American and I’m not talking about the elite and intelligentsia, social workers, union and lawyers.  All of those key contributors to societal gridlock that secure lots of cash but contribute little to business progess—and that is what helps the average man isnt it?
  5. Is the world a more peaceful place with Obama’s Nobel prize in hand?  Did North Korea, Iran, Pakistan etc. not get the memo?
  6. Why can Notre Dame not recruit some big, strong, fast kids that can compete with the other elite?  They are close to Chicago—does OBama have anything to do with this?
  7. Are we asking enough questions?

Remember, ask questions and demand facts—not beliefs.  That disables the leftist.  Remember, the leftist believes they know more and without them, the average man would not be able to function.  Ask them questions and smoke them out.