Okay, so we have a computer pirate hacker who wants to profit off someones else’s ‘stuff’.  Is that not the spirit of the internet?  Steal others content and profit.  Thank you Al Gore.

Now the Self Appointed Saviours of Society (ie. Progressives) applaud the actions of this Assange, the selfless freedom fighter.  One can question what his motives were but apparently it had something to do with freedom of all info and how this will benefit all of mankind.  What I cant comprehend is how will this benefit humanity?  I wish someone could clearly connect the dots on how leaking these memo’s will feed the poor, provide jobs for those looking to work, eliminate scandal and crime.  

I hear the media and activists squeal with glee  ‘see, I knew there were shady dealings going on behind the scenes!!’  Great.  Now you feel sated and smug.  And now what?  So you know that people say nasty things and plan nasty plots against others and between governments.  Yes so now we know that.  Never could have figured that out before. Super.  Now how is that going to make my world (our planet) any better? 

But then again people say Assange is a journalist—a selfless, man-of-the-planet, conspiracy hating, people loving journalist. 

When the leaks came out about the potential for bs amongst scientists and global warming, there was a big fuss that these emails should not be made public.  Strange that this didnt count for journalism.

And now if we dont succumb to the desires of Assange and his assistants they will cripple our computers, freeze our credit accounts and probably sell our personal information to people who want to pretend they are us.  All in the name of freedom of information and journalism I suspect.

Freedom of speech and information are such interesting things.  Good for some to hide behind and bad for others to bring forward.

Speaking of.  What has happened to a society where the minority get more attention and action than the majority? Example being 2 people that oppose a nativity scene in the town of a thousand and the nativity scene gets removed for fear of offending the 2 people.  What bullshit?    When are the majority going to get the gonads to speak up and re-establish their turf.  Dont be afraid to speak up–even when the 2 people call you an insensitive (and worse) Christian for having the audicity to celebrate your religion and traditions….in your country.