A little “left” is needed….a good thing to a degree.  A little balance from the occasional fanaticm of the ‘right’.  Keep corrupt corporations and team members in check.  A lot of left with government run business, health care, media and wealth re-distribution and child indoctrination and excessive taxation leads to the end of the dream.  And the list of interferences goes on.

The poor end up no better than they were and the rest suffer more–aside from the elite guard.  You might call those lucky ones the CZARs.

I live in a country with heavy taxation of the average middle of the road worker and a failing public health care system.  At least we had relatively tight credit controls so we have not financially suffered as much as our neighbors to the south.  I just hope no one in my family actually needs substantive care because those waiting lists can be a killer.

Having studied Political Science I am fascinated and amazed by the events unfolding in the U Mess of Eh.   Scary times for North America.  And I think even the faux liberals will be scared once they realize how their freedoms will be impacted once the BIG plan unfolds.